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About Us

 We Are EPIC. We Are T3.

Our Story


T3he Gym is the premier health & fitness facility in Central Texas.  Owner and Master Trainer, Ike Shaw, created Titan Total Training in 2009, but his vision was not complete until he acquired and renovated the property that is now known as T3he Gym.  After gutting and reconstructing the entire facility, his dream is now a reality he can share with the larger community.

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Ike Shaw has made it his mission to improve quality of life in Central Texas through fitness training, health & wellness education, and nutritional coaching. His mission with T3 has always been to motivate people to get moving and have fun while doing it. Along with his 18 years experience in athletics, body building and fitness, Ike brings an amazing team of professionally trained and certified class instructors and trainers. All of which are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle. The T3 team is here to keep you accountable

and help push you to your fitness and wellness goals. 

We would love for you to join the T3 Family!!!

Our Core Values:





We Are EPIC. We Are T3! 

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